International electro synth style-y 

Swirling synths coated in sugar sweet vocals, booming bass lines and kickin' beats

An Edinburgh, Scotland based production duo, Sharfla is the project of Roncey Horton and Paul Worth, who meld electro, pop, and bass music into a sassy synthesis.


After meeting in London in the early noughties and becoming friends, the pair met up a few years later in Scotland, and began producing tracks as Sharfla in 2009. Since then, they have self released their debut EP Shiny Shiny in 2011, taking home Best Electronic Record at The Scottish New Music Awards 2012. 2013 saw Sharfla named as Soundclouder of the Day, taking their music to a whole new audience of over one million followers, and making various festival appearances. They concluded the year by self releasing their second EP On the Outside. This year promises to be another lively one, with a release already on boutique L.A. label Synth City in February, and a forthcoming single release on Kaleidospere Records. . 

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